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The characteristics of the antiquestyle—elaborate scroll work

Unquestionably,most of the antique diamond engagement rings sold today accommodateround diamonds. Round diamonds are the classic, most popular shape.Not only does the round diamond keep more of its value over time, butalso the symbolism of an unending circle has a subliminal meaningwhich has permeated our culture. We can all relate to the concept ofcircular eternity, especially as it references love and courtship.Theantique diamond engagement ring, by its very appearance, suggests thedesired permanence of round sling factory marriage.

The characteristics of the antiquestyle—elaborate scroll work, engraving, milgrain edging—remindsus of the rhythm and continuity of the antique style. In addition,the appearance of the antique diamond engagement ring hints at thehand made excellence of old-world craftsmanship. Theroundness of the diamond also functions as a visible sign ofcommitment to the world. This is complimented by the choice of anantique style diamond engagement ring. In the beginning of the 21stcentury, there has been a subtle shift in taste, looking backward toanother era. But in the past, diamond engagement rings were the giftof choice for royalty or the very rich. Now, these antique diamondengagement rings are within the reach of everyone. Today we have manychoices: which metal shall we choose? What size diamond do we want? Thea antique diamondengagement ring ring is the perfect setting for a round diamond.While the roundness of the gemstone functions as a visible sign ofcommitment to the world, the vintage style suggests the tried andtrue, the stability of cultural values, the unending line of familybehind us, and the possibility of family in the future! Styles seemto come and go with regularity: hemlines, hair length, lipstickcolors. Cocker spaniels, poodles, Chihuahuas. Surrealism,abstraction, pop art!

But when we want to convey a sense of forever,we look back to the past. The antique diamond engagement ringrepresents our hopes and desires, our vision and desire for eternallove and commitment. And the round diamond perfectly compliments ouraspirations as expressed in engagement and marriage.Formore information about AntiqueRings,AntiqueRing Settings,antiquediamond rings and antiquediamond engagement rings, visit

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